Car: User Guide

Key Questions/ Issues Addressed


Who was Greg Curnoe?

What can we learn from his path as an artist?


Lesson Goals / Objectives


Students will understand the career path of Greg Curnoe.

Students will learn basic facts about Greg Curnoe’s life and how they inform his work.

Students will become familiar with Greg Curnoe’s work, in particular with Car.

Students will use Curnoe’s work as a source of inspiration to create their own work




Demo (testing):


Video: Short Documentary on Car, Greg Curnoe, 1967

Test Your Knowledge: Quiz on Greg Curnoe and Car.

Elements and Principles: Learning Modules on the use of elements and principles of design on Car and Greg Curnoe’s work.

Create You Own Work: Activity for the creation of a piece inspired by Greg Curnoe’s work


For the development of the activity:


• Computer and Speakers

• Projection Screen

• Internet Access

• Chromebooks (if available)

• Art Supplies (for the final activity)


Instructional Activity / Procedures


Briefly introduce the work of Museum London and Discover London Art



1. Video


1.1. Screening (projection):


Present the introductory video (length: 5 min. average). We encourage the projection of the video on a large screen for the entire group.


If possible, turn off the lights or close the curtains, try to create a ‘screening room’ atmosphere.


Invite students to remain silent – the video will be short.



1.2. Dialogue:


After the video finishes, ask students:


What did you learn about Greg Curnoe?

What kinds of subjects was he interested in?

What is a collage?

Greg Curnoe loved graphic novels. How is this expressed in his work?

Why did his painting Car become so famous?

Does this painting, Car, make you feel happy? Why do you think that is?

Do you agree with Curnoe’s idea that art should be about everyday life?



2. Test Your Own Knowledge:


Ask students to respond the quiz, which consists of a multiple-choice series of questions, based on the content of the video.


• If Chromebooks are available, students are expected to answer to the questions individually or in small groups.

• If Chromebooks are not available, the teacher can lead the activity using the class’ projection screen.


Optional: print-out the certificates and send them home. We encourage this process, even if not environmental-friendly, to promote awareness of the activity among parents and guardians.



3. Elements and Principles:


3.1. Ask students to view/read the modules on elements and principles. These are short informative guides on design concepts.


3.2. Ask students to see the online exhibit (slide show) and choose their favourite artwork.


Optional: Conduct a poll. Students should vote for their favourite artwork.

Share the results. Ask students: Why did you choose that piece?



4. Create Your Own Artwork:


The session ends with an individual art project. Students are encouraged to create their own work inspired by the session’s content.


4.1.Using colour like Greg Curnoe

Element: Colour

Design your own car. Curnoe's car is very unique because of its shape and form, colour and texture. It looks like a car, but at the same time is very different. Create your own Car, based on things like you like.



Extension Activity


Art Tours: A Visit to the Museum


School tours and programs are offered throughout the school year (September through June), Tuesday to Friday (9:30 am to 2:30 pm).


To book a program or tour please call 519-661-0333


As part of Museum London’s commitment to accessibility, a limited number of busing subsidies are available each calendar year to schools with an economic need. Please enquire about this subsidy when booking your education program.


Everyday Objects and Recycling


Collect materials for the creation of a collage. Think about using the collage to deliver an idea or political statement. What do you think is worthy to fight for? Use your art to express your ideas and views of the world.


After using these resources, we would very much appreciate your feedback. Please use this link to get access to the evaluation form:



Greg Curnoe, Car, 1967 (detail)

Collection of Museum London

Gift of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Moore, London, Ontario, through the Ontario Heritage Foundation, 1978

© Estate of Greg Curnoe / SOCAN (2019)


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