How to use Discover LONDON ART

Discover London Art is an educational resource for teachers in the London area. The content addresses the learning expectations defined in the Ontario Visual Arts curriculum. For the Pilot (June 2019) we produced three stories: Paul Peel, Car and Trailblazers.


Every story consists of an introductory video and a series of activities.


How to use these resources?


The project has been developed for in-class use. The stories will be available on Museum London’s website.




• Computer and Speakers

• Projection Screen

• Wi-Fi access

• Chromebooks (if available)

• Art Supplies (for the final activity)


Please click here for the User Guides:


Paul Peel




Any questions?


Devon Elliott, Curator of Education, Museum London:

Juan Bello, Producer, Triana Media:


Discover London Art: Digital Stories

Museum London Idea Incubator - Digital Solutions for Arts Education and Engagement

Pilot Testing Version | Produced by Triana Media for Museum London, May 2019